Old man with an iPad

name says it all.

Hi, I'm an old man with an iPad, the dog doesn't have an iPad but he's old too.

My wife is also in the picture but you can't see her, so I'll describe her. She isn't old and doesn't have an iPad.

We live in the high desert wilderness mountains of north west Arizona. That's a long description for a place that's 90 miles from any significant civilization.

I used to be a successful artist living in a large studio on the central coast of California. I had gallery shows and was in the Museum of Modern Art San Francisco back in 1971.

Now I live in a 230 square foot cabin-studio in the middle of nowhere with an iPad, a young wife and an old dog. We're happy and content, I highly recommend this stress free no worries all the time in the world slow passed totally quiet don't care what anyone thinks submerged in nature lifestyle.

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One of the great advantages to getting old is the discovery of pursuing work with no real purpose in mind. We spend most of our lives searching for or pursuing a purpose in life, work, everything we do. It's drummed into our heads at an early age, pursue purposeful work, have a purposeful life.

I grew up dirt poor without any family, I bummed around for the first 20 years happy to just get by. I wandered city streets developing basic survival skills, how to keep warm when it was cold, dry when it was raining finding various unconventional places to live that were cheap and secure from people harassment. From $6 a month ghetto garages to $30 a month country shacks furnished with societies cast offs you could live on the cheap, have all of the time in the world and meet interesting people. It was an enjoyable life absent of any meaningful purpose. Then I thought it would be an interesting challenge to see if a bum such as myself could become a successful member of society.

I worked an average 140 hours a week establishing a successful artist career and other businesses. I drove expensive cars wore expensive clothes, lived in expensive homes with expensive girlfriends. Life was great but living it was hard work.

When I became 48 I realized the experiment was a success and that it was time to go home where I belonged. An old man with an iPad, a beautiful wife, an old dog and doodling on a website that for all intended purposes won't get seen because there are 1.95 billion online websites and I don't really care because it only cost 10 bucks. I'm back to pursuing things that haven't any definitive purpose, life is grand and living it is easy.